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175cm/70kg, 37, male, Palembang, perfectionist, a lil bit educated, marriage n have 3 kids. Born in Cilamaya — a peacefull place for me, even you won’t find the place on google earth 😦

Currently live in Palembang, Indonesia. Don’t know what I should do in internet. This blog is medium to share what I know about oil. Hope it will usefull for you, especially for people who want to learn know about my works related like oil, it’s proccess n QC.

My real name is Givangkara, taken from Sansekerta’s literature, and the sound should be “Giwangkara” n it’s mean is “The Sun”. My complete name is too long for several people n will make you hard to remember, so just call me as Giwangkara. But, please don’t call or write my name separated by “Giwang” and “Kara”, coz it will be have different mean, i.e: Giwang = earing, Kara = monkey…. :)

Basicly, I’m a chemical analyst who graduated from SMAKBO (Sekolah Menengah Analis Kimia Bogor) in 1991. I had worked in PDAM Jaya’s Laboratory (Jakarta) until 1992. Now, I’ve been work as IT Staff  (Multimedia Dept) in PT Pertamina (Persero) Unit Pengolahan III Palembang. Before as an IT Staff I had worked as a Laboratory Operator (1992-1997), Budget and Audit Foreman (1997-2000), Non Fuel and Petrochemical Refinery Operation Planning (2000-2005) and IT Staff as Mainframe Administrator (2005-now). All of those are still in PT Pertamina (Persero) Refinery Unit Pengolahan III.

This is the personal blog of me. I don’t care about the rule of blogging – ‘Stick to one topic’ – it generally focuses on oil, refinery and QC. My primary blog is in http://blog.givangkara.com. It’s focuses about life in the blogosphere, travelling and education stuff.

I was graduated as Laboratory Technician (Bachelor degree)  from Oil and Gas Academy – Cepu in June 2006. I’m often too opinionated for my own good, so commenting on current affairs in a variety of publications provides an outlet.

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Otherwise I enjoy reading some people’ weblog. I also have a penchant for smoking (heavily!), capuchino, hiking, swimming/diving, bowling, bilyard and golf. A weird combination? Go figure.

My JewelsI don’t like people who judge from outside performance, underestimate and talkative everything or too much talking. The last thing, i really hate to look or met with feminime male. Because it’s (I don’t know how to write; She or He ?) definitely like a homo saphiens anomaly. And it’s make me sick.

I’m just ordinary man who know less. Try to be a wisdom one, loves ot watching fiction movie and get travelling…

Anyway, you can touch me by e-mail at me[at]givangkara[dot]com or by phone or sms at +62-816-32326691. Sometime I can be touched by instant messenger at Yahoo! IM (givangkara), Skype (givangkara) and/or gtalk (givangkara). You can see my IM status at top-left column.


2 responses

  1. salam kenal untuk sesama penggelut di dunia IT, penghobi fotografi, dan salam blogger !

    Juni 24, 2011 pukul 8:21 AM

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